Midlands Children’s Hope & Drop In Centre

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We work in some of the poorest communities in the world. Offering assistance to these communities is another vital component in our Responsible Development strategy. People in these communities are in desperate need of help; particularly vulnerable persons such as orphans, the elderly, and people in need of medical care. ALERT supports programmes that meet this variety of needs and offer new hope to some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Empowering the vulnerable is the key to long-term growth and a brighter future for those living in these communities.

One of our Social Development supported programmes is at the Midlands Children’s Hope & Drop In Centre in Gweru, Zimbabwe. This programme caters specifically for the increasing number of street children, who do not only come from Gweru, but various other parts of the country as well.

Our volunteers assist with providing basic education and skills development sessions with the street children. These provide them with the opportunity to learn fundamentals such as English and Maths, as well as Arts and Crafts and various other subjects depending on the specific set of skills of the volunteers on the project at the time.

These sessions bring normality into the children’s lives, even if it is just for a few hours a day. The exchange is always a good one, where both the volunteers and children take away the memory of an experience that will last a lifetime.

Here is what Helge Karlsrud from Norway, currently on the Teaching and Lions Combo Project, had to say; “Yesterday we went to the Drop In Centre to visit the kids. They are wonderful. Always have a smile on their faces. We made bracelets; face painted each other and played football. It was a good day like always on the kids and lions program.”

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