Experience Our Wildlife Encounters

Daryl Black

General Manager

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe where I spent much of my time discovering the amazing wilderness the country has to offer. After my studies in marketing and later wildlife management I travelled to various countries around the world before settling in Kenya. I then trained as a professional safari guide and worked as a manager and guide in safari camps in the Maasai Mara and Samburu areas for the next ten years. Having enjoyed these spectacular wild areas and knowing the challenges and hardships they face I decided to turn my energies towards more proactive conservation initiatives. For this reason I chose to work with Wildlife Encounter and ALERT.

Likando Mukamba

Finance & Administration Manager

I was born and raised in Livingstone, Zambia before moving to other places pursuing my education. I studied Finance with the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants but have a deep embedded love of wildlife and nature in general. I am a Christian and the faith demands that we take care of God’s creation. I joined Wildlife Encounter in November 2010 as Office Administrator and have risen over the past few years to my current status. Although my role at lion encounter is not directly in contact with the lions, I am proud to be a valued member of the Wildlife Encounter team. I am married with two children – one is ten and the other is two. I read a lot during my spare time.

Michael Kakoma Munyandi

Human Resource & Ops Manager

I was born in Sesheke District (western province-Zambia) brought up in a family of six . I am married with five children two boys and three girls. I went to Machile primary school in Sesheke, and completed my secondary and tertiary in Livingstone. I joined the civil service in 1980 at Min of Finance and continued my career in the public and private sector. I am currently working at Wildlife Encounter Livingstone as Operations manager in charge of human resources. I am enjoying the atmosphere within the tourism industry as well the interaction with staff and volunteers. I am an ardent soccer fan and former sports administrator ( chairman &Life member- Nkana Fc in Kitwe and provincial Chairman-Zambia Higher Institutes Sports Association”ZHISA” Copper belt and co-coordinator –colleges universities of confederation of southern Africa”CUCSA”)


Office Administrator & Accountant

Likando was born in Livingstone and grew up in Kitwe. He enjoys his job because it keeps his mind very active! Outside of work, he likes spending as much as time as possible with his family and his interests are art and science. He describes himself as a friendly, hard work.


Head Guide

Hi, I’m Friday, and I am the head guide here at Lion Encounter. I was born in Chililabombwe and I grew up in Ndola in the Copperbelt Province. Aside from visiting places of interest, I also enjoy watching movies, visiting friends and visiting my relatives. I think I am friendly and courteous. Interacting with lions is the best part of my job, but I also enjoy spreading information about Livingstone and what we have to offer to the tourists.

Mwiya Lusenge

Volunteer Coordinator

I was born in Livingstone and am from a small family of 5 children 3 girls and 2 boys. I did my primary School at Gwembe basic which is in a small township close to Monze town. I completed my high school education at Namwala as well as Linda high school here in Livingstone in 2004. In 2006 I studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Greenwood Institute in Lusaka and furthered my interest and studies in Tour Guiding at Patience Pays Institute. I joined Lion Encounter Zambia in 2008, became a lion handler and a guide and am now a volunteer coordinator where I enjoy interacting with people from around the world. My interests are in bird watching and nature. In my Spare time I like listening to lots of Zambian and American music.


Senior Lion Handler

I was born in Kaoma and grew up in Lusaka, but moved to Livingstone which i really like because I get to see Victoria Falls. As deputy head lion handler the best bit about my job has to be walking with lions! I enjoy football and watch matches when I am off.


Head Scout

As head of the scouting department I encounter buffalos and elephants and it is my job to keep the people and animals safe on the lion walks. Encountering these animals is the bit I love the most, as I have to think hard and make plans to drive them out of the walking route safely and effectively. Other than my job, I enjoy reading wildlife and law books, reading the Bible, travelling, preaching the Gospel and praying and watching Chelsea Football team! I’m a very friendly guy, I enjoy a joke, and I just always want to be happy!

Kennedy Hachipandwe

Head Lion Handler

I was born in 1982 30thof June and attended primary in the Copperbelt area 1990-1996, I completed high school in Kabwe full grade 12 certificate. I then attended college and read many courses including Guide training, Food and beverages and electrical engineering. I joined Wildlife Encounter in 2009, I trained as a Lion Handler and worked my way up to become the Head Lion handler. I love to read books and watch movies, my favorite animals are dogs and lions as they are social animals.

Angela Njobvu

Volunteer coordinator

I am 33 years old and Livingstone is my home town where I live with my family. I studied purchasing and supply and worked with David Livingstone Safari Lodge before joining Lion Encounter. I am the community volunteer coordinator, what I like about my job is meeting different people from interesting countries and interacting with the communities in the rural areas. I have a passion for the kids in the areas we work and for the lions on the project.



Austen is a member of the security staff at Lion Encounter in Zambia for the past 3 years. Austen is 32 years old and was born in raised in Livingstone Before coming to Lion Encounter; Austen was employed as a maintenance man and builder in nearby Livingstone. Austen is married with two children, both boys. He and his family reside in Livingstone. Austen decided to come to Lion Encounter because he loved the idea of being involved with a project to save Africa’s wildlife and more specifically lions. Austen’s favorite part about working for Lion Encounter is being in charge of keeping the volunteers and clients safe. On his days off Austen enjoys being a handyman, studying, reading books on wildlife, and is a frequent visitor at the New Apostle Church in Livingstone.



Charity has been a member of the Lion Encounter staff for 7 years. Charity is 32 years old. She is married with 3 children. Charity has been a housekeeper for the entirety of her employment. Charity has a plethora of experience, as she has been a housekeeper for several companies before coming to Lion Encounter. She is a native of Livingstone and says she loves the city. Charity’s favorite part about working with Lion Encounter is being able to see lions and being able to interact with clients from all over the world. On her days off Charity can be found cooking and cleaning for her family, as well as attending services at the New Apostle Church in Livingstone.



Charles has been employed with Lion Encounter for 7 years. Charles is currently a scout for Lion Encounter, but has been trained to be a guide and a handler as well. Charles has a wealth of experience as a scout, over 15 years in total, he served as a scout for the Zambian Wildlife Authority before joining Lion Encounter. Charles was born in Lusaka and originally came to Livingstone in search of employment. Charles’s birthday is April 25th and he is 45 years old. Charles joined Lion Encounter because he has always loved animals and thought working with lions would be a great way to learn more about the species. His favorite part about working with Lion Encounter is being able to watch lions and how they interact with each other and the rest of the wildlife. One of his favorite activities is removing snares from the park because he feels he is doing a service to wildlife and saving lives. When Charles has days off his favorite activity is attending church and outside of church Charles is an avid soccer fan. He not only watches his favorite team, Chelsea F.C., but also enjoys playing socially with his friends.



Chepas has been with the company for 7 years. He began as a handler for Lion Encounter and has 4 years experience at that position. Since being a handler, Chepas has become a guide. Before coming to Lion Encounter, Chepas was employed with a security company. Chepas was inspired to work for Lion Encounter when he heard the alarming news about the rapidly declining population of wild lions in Africa. Chepas’s favorite part about his job is that he can give something back to African wildlife and educate people about what is happening to lions across the continent. Chepas is 32 years old and is married with 2 children. On his days off Chepas can be found at his church, exploring the national parks, or working out as Chepas is a fitness enthusiast. One of Chepas’s favorite things to do is to watch competitive cycling.



Eukaria has been with Lion Encounter as a housekeeper for 6 years. Before coming to Lion Encounter, Eukaria was a housekeeper for African Impact in Livingstone for three years. Eukaria was born in Mazabuka and came to Livingstone to in order to find employment. Eukaria is married with two children. In her free time Eukaria enjoys going to church with her husband and family. I am 31 years old and from a family of 6 children and have 2 children of my own. I enjoy working at Wildlife Encounter as we get to meet volunteers from different countries around the world and we are able to show them good Zambian hospitality. When I go home I like going to church and singing.



Evans has been an employee at Lion Encounter for 7 years. Evans is one of the chefs at Lion Encounter. Evans is 32 years old and was born and raised in Livingstone. Evans has always been a cook and learned the skill from his uncle while growing up. Cooking is a passion of Evans’s and his favorite part of his job is being able to cook for volunteers and getting to interact with people from various cultures and backgrounds. In his free time Evans tries to learn as much as he can about cooking by watching cooking shows on TV and reading various cookbooks. Evans is married with three children, all boys, and on Sundays he can be found with his whole family attending the New Apostle Church in Livingstone.



Lovewell has been working at Lion Encounter in Zambia for 7 years. Lovewell is currently a guide and has recently gained interest in becoming a guide in the future. Lovewell is 27 years old. Being a handler for Lion Encounter is Lovewell’s first and only job since graduating high school. Lovewell’s affiliation with Lion Encounter happened by chance. He began his association with the company as being a middleman between a manager and a butcher by purchasing meat for the lions. After developing a relationship with the manager he decided to seek out employment with the company. His favorite part about working for Lion Encounter is being able to build a bond with a creature that many people fear. He enjoys having the opportunity to play with the lions and having the respect of the animals. Outside of Lion Encounter, Lovewell owns a farm with several cows in his village on the eastern side of Livingstone. On his days off Lovewell enjoys tending to his farm and spending time with his family.



Moses has been working with Lion Encounter for 7 years. He was born and raised in Livingstone and is 29 years old. Moses works in Lion Encounter’s hospitality department. Before coming to Lion Encounter, Moses was working in the food and beverage industry. Moses decided to come to Lion Encounter because he has a deep love for animals and loved the idea of being able to work for a company involved with animals. Moses’s favorite part about his job is being able to interact with the clients and volunteers because they come from different backgrounds and cultures. On his days off, Moses is an avid reader and he reads as much as he can about wildlife; especially about his favorite animal, the lion.



Shadrick has been employed with Lion Encounter since January 2009. Shadrick is the maintenance supervisor for the Livingstone location. As a maintenance supervisor he is in charge of maintenance and construction not only for the area where volunteers live but also at the release site. He decided to work for Lion Encounter because he has a passion for what the company’s goal is and he enjoys being able to interact with volunteers. Shadrick was born and raised in Livingstone where he currently lives with his wife and two children. On his days off Shadrick tries to stay in shape by jogging and playing soccer, where he enjoys playing defense. He has a lot of interest in maintenance, but not just building, he enjoys reading books and information on new electronics and how to construct and repair them.