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Who is Wildlife Encounter

Wildlife Encounter was founded in 2005 in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and is an organization that has an optimistic view of human nature, we have a long term commitment to the future of the country.  Wildlife Encounter is an ethical commercial tourism operator that is pro-active in local sustainability initiatives and is invested in multiple facets of wildlife conservation.  We are passionate about ensuring a secure future for Zimbabwe’s wildlife and changing the face of conservation in Africa. We understand that in order to provide sustainable tourism we need to work with communities and wildlife as one.  We have a broad scope of high end, innovative products and support a myriad of local communities and conservation initiatives and have implemented our own innovative solutions.

We realise the importance of maintaining the evolutionary integrity of captive wildlife populations, especially those that are used for conservation efforts including re-introductions, this is critical for the conservation of biodiversity.  Captive wildlife populations are unique in that they are maintained to educate the public regarding wildlife and their habitats and/or to preserve critically endangered species through captive breeding and reintroduction programs.   Although assessment and preservation of genetic diversity is a top priority for most conservation breeding programs, fundamental to these goals is the maintenance of the genetic variation of these captive populations.  It is with the above in mind that Wildlife Encounter believes that there is also a place for ethical captive wildlife encounters in tourism.

Wildlife Encounter actively pursues the growth of the Zimbabwean Tourism industry by raising awareness of challenges being faced by the people of Zimbabwe and the wildlife alike as well as attracting tourism with our unique activities and volunteering opportunities.  We have collaborations with Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority with regards to conducting research and management assistance within several National Parks around the country.

Our biggest achievement to date is signing an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority in both the Zambezi National Park and Chizarira National Park to assist with the research and management of these areas.  We are dedicated to ensuring the survival and longevity of National Parks in Zimbabwe.   Working closely with our sister organization known as ALERT (African Lion and Environmental Research Trust) in these various initiatives, and through our commercial activities, provide the much needed funding required for these long term goals.

Our Core Values

  • Passion: Our compelling enthusiasm and desire for the need to conserve our natural environment for the future is second to none.
  • Perserverance: We continue steadfastly and never give up.
  • Family: Our strong family force is a strong beckoning against any obstruction.
  • Courage: Courage is not the absence of fear, but moving ahead despite fear. We are brave enough to stand up for what we believe and defend our values.

Our Location

We are situated on the Zimbabwe side of the Adrenaline Capital, the mighty Victoria Falls. Our booking office is located in the hub of Victoria Falls town whilst our activity and volunteer center is a mere 16km outside of town.

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