Feast of Beasts

Feast of BEASTS

The fur will fly, quite literally, when you visit our adult lions at feeding time. Standing just meters away, onlookers watch in awe as several of our fully-grown male lions charge towards their meal and tussle for the prime pieces. One of our most adrenaline-filled activities, the Feast of Beasts gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the absolute power of these amazing animals. A new addition to our portfolio of activities to do in Victoria Falls and definitely one of the most adrenaline packed experiences ever!

Have you ever witnessed a 190 Kg African Lion running at speeds close to 80km/hr pouncing on its prey full force? It is truly a wild sight! Now you have the opportunity to really see why the African Lion is known as the King.

Feast of beasts-lion feed
Feast of beasts action-lion feed

Get a close encounter as you watch from just a couple meters away while these powerful beasts enjoy their meal! This is a sight few people ever get to actually see, especially at such close range!

Think you are brave enough to stand your ground?