Is Victoria Falls Worth Visiting?

Victoria Falls is one of the world’s wonders because of its natural beauty, cultural diversity and adrenaline packed activities. The holistic experience in Victoria Falls is what makes it worth visiting. Take a look at why Victoria Falls is worth visiting and going on your to-do list.

Great views of the Falls year round

1. The Breath-taking Nature

The natural landscapes of Victoria Falls make the city worth listing on your destination list. The Victoria Falls is one of the grandest waterfalls in the world, pouring from the heart of the Zambezi River. The Zambezi River is ranked the fourth largest river in the African continent, spanning 2700 km.

The waterfall is so majestic that you can enjoy the splendor from the Zimbabwean or Zambian side. 75% of the falls can be seen from the Zimbabwean side, making it a unique spectacle. Fondly referred to as Mosi-oa-tunya meaning the Smoke That Thunders, the vibrations of the roaring water body provide an experience like no other.

The gorges provide a scene that leaves one wondering how such natural architecture is possible. You can even experience such a landscape from the thrill of a helicopter that hovers above the world’s wonder. If that isn’t enough, you can get into the belly of the falls should you decide to do water rafting, canoe or go jet boating.

You can also experience the warmth and stillness of the Zambezi River while enjoying a cruise, particularly during the sunset. The merging of the skies and the water makes for picture-perfect moments. The crisp air dancing on your face as the cruise cuts across the river is relaxing and breath-taking.

Cocktails with a view!

2. Wild Animals

Victoria Falls is home to some of the most beautiful wild animals. You can enjoy a safari experience with Wildlife Encounter, where you enter the world of majestic lions. From the comfort of a game drive vehicle, you enter the lions’ enclosure and witness their natural behavior in the wild. From there, you enter a tunnel behind a fence; you witness lions devouring their food right before you. The roaring vibrations and the tunnel echoes leave one in disbelief.

The safari experience includes a chance to bond with inquisitive hyenas that approach you by the enclosure fence. You get to enjoy the cultural connotations and superstitions attached to their names, which is a form of preserving cultural story-telling. The ostriches may dance for you while showing off their graceful feathers. Feeding the ostriches is always a treat as they peck onto your palms, grateful for the gesture.

As you walk along the streets of Victoria Falls, you may come across baboons nonchalantly swinging on branches and warthogs enjoying a scrape in the park. Giraffes, elephants, and buffaloes also enjoy their natural habitat while you get to do the same from safe distances.

Watch how lions feed in their natural habitat – contact Wildlife Encounter for more information

3. The Variety Of Food

The food variety in Victoria Falls makes for a palate treat. Enjoy experimenting with traditional foods such as pork feet, cow feet, oxtail, chicken feet, and mopane worms. Each traditional dish has an accompanying cultural story which only enhances the experience.

The game meat from smoked crocodile, kudu and buffalo; make for a different dining experience. The natural beverages made from herbs are not only delicious but health enhancing.

The city is also well appreciated for the vegan options, which are creatively cooked and presented. Victoria Falls is known for catering to all kinds of palates, including the exquisite where the famous High Tea is displayed at The Victoria Falls Hotel overlooking the gorgeous Victoria Falls Bridge.

Go back in time and experience the beauty of the Victoria Falls Hotel

4. Traditional Song and Dance

The minute you land at The Victoria Falls Airport, you are received by the traditional song and dance group, which gives you a true African welcome to the motherland. As you dine in Victoria Falls, the song and dance makes for entertainment that you can join in.

You can also join in on the beating of the African Drums, African face painting and playing of the African tambourine. The story-telling behind the dancers’ costumes, dance moves and gestures; make for all-around dining entertainment. Stories about the different tribes, names, superstitions and beliefs; are displayed throughout the night and make for rich memories.

Keep with the beat at the Boma Dinner Dance and Drum Show

Visit Victoria Falls!

Visiting Victoria Falls may be one of the best traveling decisions. The formidable nature is picturesque and breath-taking. You enter into the world of wild animals while savoring palate-filling foods and traditional song and dance make for generational story-telling and entertainment. It being one of the world’s wonders only makes it a worthwhile visit. Victoria Falls City is truly a unicorn experience!