Lion Encounter

Get up close and personal with Africa's most iconic species.

Price and Inclusions


WHAT IS INCLUDED: Return transfers from hotels/lodges in Victoria Falls town. Guests staying lodges outside of town will need to organise with the lodge to drop them off at the point where we do pick ups from. You will be informed of this point when you make the booking. Guests staying In Zambia will need to make their own way to the ZIMBABWE border for collection.

AM WALK: Full English breakfast is included

MM WALK: Drinks and light finger snacks included.

PM WALK: Drinks and light finger snacks included.

EXCLUDED: Any merchandise, arts and crafts or gratuities. Footage of your lion walk is on sale after the walk for $30.
Guests are collected from their hotel/lodge in Victoria Falls town and transported to Wildlife Encounter where our friendly hospitality team will be waiting to welcome you. Our professional guides will give you a safety briefing as to what you can and can not do on the walk. After that you are ready to walk with the lions. At the end of the walk, we will show you a short film (7 mins) about our lion release program and related research, community and conservation projects that we support.


Take a walk on the wild side and enjoy taking the cubs into the bush as part of phase one of our conservation programme. Accompanied by our guides and handlers, you will meet our young cubs in the bush, and watch as they learn, explore, play and generally just act as any lion cubs do! It’s an opportunity to learn about the species as well as get some fantastic photos – and memories!

Our lions are taken into the bush for walks daily with or without guests. It is fortunate that we are able to allow guests to accompany these walks as this raises awareness on the issues of lion conservation, which is essential in any species conservation, in addition to vital funds that are raised as a result.

We do not ever guarantee any contact between humans and the lion cubs. These lions are hand raised and born in captivity so have been habituated to people. If the opportunity arises during the walk, our guides will inform the guests on the safest way to approach the lions.

Information and Requirements

LOCATION: Fuller Forest, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.


  • AM 06h30 to 09h30,  
  • MM 10h00 to 13h00
  • PM 14h30 to 17h30

DURATION: Turn around time from time of pick up to drop off is 3 hours with the walk itself being 45mins to an hour long.

NUMBER OF GUESTS PER WALK: We walk two sets of lions, each set has two lions. We take a maximum of 12 guests per set of lions.

WHO CAN DO IT: For safety reasons and because we are walking with lions, we require all participants to be be 15years and 1.5mtrs(5ft) tall. A passport or ID will be required for guests younger than 18years. Regretably under no circumstances will anyone under these requirements be permitted to join the walk.

We do offer other activities for children and family members who do not meet these requirements, as follows:

NATURE TRAIL & LION VIEWING- This includes a bush walk with our trained guides and a lion viewing from outside the enclosure.

WHAT YOU NEED: Neutral coloured clothing,  Closed Shoes, No dangly items(scarves, necklaces etc,  No bright colours especially red and pink, Camera.

Join our pride

We are currently walking four lions (2 males and 2 females) in Phase one of our program. Every lion has a unique and fascinating character and you will never find one alike. Join us today and meet our beautiful pride!


Born:7.09.17 Sex:Male Pax is a very shy and independent male. He loves to play with his sister Paya. Very scared of rain storms but settles down when he is with the rest of the pride.


Born:7.09.17 Sex:Female Paya is the smallest female of the pride. She will be a great hunter one day as her play behaviour shows this. She loves to play with Lumba.


Born:7.09.17 Sex: Female Penga is very playful and will be a great hunter like Paya. She loves to climb trees. She likes to be the leader and walks up front during the walks. Penga means crazy in the local language Shona.


Born:18.08.17 Sex:Male Lumba is the biggest male of the pride. He is a laid back lion. He likes to play with Paya alot. He likes going back to his enclosure at the end of a long walk to rest or eat on feeding days.

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