Lion and Game Park Management Project

Lion and Wildlife Conservation is at the centre of what we offer here in Victoria Falls. Working closely with our partner ALERT(The African Lion & Environmental Research Trust), we are at the forefront of a pioneering Lion conservation program, established to put a stop to the rapidly decreasing number of lions in Africa.Track, monitor and collect data on the exquisite wildlife, right in the heart of the Authentic African Bush.

In 1975 it was estimated that 200,000 lions roamed the African continent. Today estimates are as low as 20,000. In order to prevent further decline, our program aims to release the wild offspring of captive bred lions into National Parks and Reserves across Africa., whilst working closely and supporting the surrounding communities. The work that ALERT carry out is ground breaking and has the potential to develop further across the whole of Africa. Volunteers accompany our Phase 1 lions in the bush, collecting vital data whilst witnessing their natural instincts come to life.

Volunteers are fully involved in our unique program, all right on the doorstep of the of the magnificent Victoria Falls- one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Whether it is behaviour enrichment sessions to stimulate the lions natural behaviour, enclosure cleaning and maintenance work or simply accompany the cubs as they develop their natural instincts, volunteers are right at the center of our incredible work. Not only do they leave with an enriched understanding for the Lion and Wildlife Conservation, but also the knowledge that they are helping to preserve the future of wildlife in Africa.

Alongside Lion conservation, become further inspired by wildlife conservation whilst researching in the Zambezi National Park- part of the world’s largest conservation areas. Collect data as a vital part of improving species conservation management. From tracking hyena to recording sightings of giraffe, volunteers play a vital role in our conservation efforts of this World Heritage Site and  are immersed into what we aspire to do.

Contribute into Lion Conservation

Working in partnership with ALERT (African Lion and Environmental Research Trust), this project offers lion walks as an integral part of ALERT’s multi-phased initiative that aims to provide genetically-diverse and socially cohesive prides that are self-sustaining to be introduced into areas where populations are extirpated. As a volunteer on this project, you will get a unique opportunity to interact with lion cubs on their daily walks through the bush as well as care for our resident lions that we provide a sanctuary for.

Your main tasks will be:

  • Walking cubs with handlers creating the essence of a ”pride” – thus encouraging the lions to engage in natural play and hunting behaviours whilst on the walk
  • Providing our resident captive lions with stimulating enrichment to encourage natural and instinctive behaviours and to keep them active, engaged and alert whilst in their enclosures to avoid boredom and stress
  • Ensuring the enclosures remain clean and secure to provide the lions with a safe living environment
  • Ensuring the lions are provided with the most suitable nutritional diet and hydration

Highlight the Importance of Wildlife

Choosing a holistic approach, this project conveys the importance of wildlife conservation practices, methods and activities to local communities which will hopefully change the people’s perception of conservation as a whole. We particularly aim to tackle human attitudes and behaviours towards predators in response to the ongoing conflict between communities in the area and lions attacking livestock. As a volunteer on this project, you will assist us in running a controlled pilot of the flashing light system using a solar panel to deter predators from local farmers’ kraals, coupled with an effective conservation education programme.

Your main tasks will be:

  • Assisting in the mitigation of human-wildlife conflict through the use of new, innovative technologies for deterring wild lions from livestock
  • Giving conservation lessons in rural schools to expand the pupils understanding of conservation and highlight the role they can play in it


Learn to Conserve Biodiversity

Our responsible approach also ensures that our lion protection efforts extend beyond the species itself to incorporate inter-related ecological issues. As a volunteer on this project, you will get a unique chance to expand your knowledge on African flora and fauna while assisting our team of dedicated conservationists in rehabilitations and maintaining 4000 acres of prime forest estate that this project is based on.

Your main tasks will be:

  • Setting up camera traps and conducting bush walks to assess species habituating the forest
  • Removing all wire snares designed to catch and kill wild animals in the forest
  • Clearing as much or all litter in one area at a time to reduce the risk of animals consuming plastic, glass and/or metal
  • Supplement feeding game species within the forest with hay bales packed with nutrients from the earlier months


Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Your volunteering experiences goes far beyond simply the incredible work you will be part of on project. Discover the magnificence of the mighty Victoria Falls and all its beauty. From stunning rainbows, to exquisite wildlife, Victoria Falls has it all. Experience the hype of one of the seven natural wonders of the world, right on its doorstep. Adventure and Adrenaline calls, from Bungee jumping against the falls, to sitting right on the edge of the mighty waterfall in devils pool, all as you discover the legacy of David Livingstone. Accelerate your wanderlust and discover incredible wildlife as you cross over into Chobe National Park, Botswana for game viewing. Experience in true style the 4th largest river in Africa- home to hippos, crocodiles and many more incredible species. Enjoy a stunning dinner cruise, whilst encountering all that the Zambezi River has to offer!
Where will you stay?
Where else better to be than right on the doorstep of the mighty Victoria Falls! You will live in a beautiful and rustic volunteer village in the Fuller Forest. Just 16 km from the centre of town, you are not far from the buzz of town, whilst also the tranquility of our neighbouring national parks.

Our start dates for 2019 are:

7, 14 & 28 January | 11 & 25 February | 11 & 25 March | 8 & 22 April | 6 & 20 May | 3 & 17 June |

1, 15 & 29 July | 12 & 26 August | 9 & 25 September | 7 & 21 October | 4 & 18 November |

2, 16 & 30 December (This project remains open over the Christmas period)

Our rates for 2019 are:

10 days: $2138 | £1252

2 weeks: $2376 | £1391

3 weeks: $3015 | £1766

4 weeks: $3655 | £2140

5 weeks*: $4295 | £2515

6 weeks*: $4935 | £2890

7 weeks*: $5575 | £3265

8 weeks*: $6215 | £3640

9 weeks*: $6855 | £4015

10 weeks*: $7495 | £4390

11 weeks*: $8135 | £4765


Whats included:
• Airport collection and return at Victoria Falls airport.
• All accommodation and 3 meals a day, served in the camps dining areas.
• 24 hour support on project and at the volunteer accommodation by our onsite staff at the park
• Unlimited Tea, coffee and filtered water during the day
• Laundry Service
• Flights
• Personal and medical insurance cover for the duration of your placement
• Visa requirements
• Additional activities out of project (Activities at the Falls)
• Wifi (available to purchase upon arrival)

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