Long-term Volunteer Projects

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Lion & Game Park Management Project, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Lion and Wildlife Conservation is at the centre of what we offer here in Victoria Falls. Working closely with our partner ALERT (The African Lion and Environmental Research Trust), we are at the forefront of a pioneering Lion conservation program, established to put a stop to the rapidly decreasing number of Lions in Africa. Track, monitor and collect data on the exquisite wildlife, right in the heart of the Aunethic African Bush.

Cultural Exchange Project, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Provide vital support, while being part of laying the foundations for kids to thrive and prosper. Bring the classroom to life whilst taking part in supporting orphans, encouraging the development of new skills. From basic life skills, to improving education and literacy skills, you will be at the forefront of helping us to implement positive and fulfilling change.

Photography Internship, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Expand your portfolio and capture all that Africa has to offer. From exquisite wildlife, to stunning sunsets, become inspired by your breathtaking surroundings. Venture out on game drives and field research, for regulating spotting of giraffe and elephants, or even trek on foot, whilst developing key field skills, including tracking to optimise your experience. Shadow our professional photographers, who are ready to impart their knowledge and expertise to help you develop your photography skills.


Known as the Adventure Capital of the World and one of the seven wonders of the world, Victoria Falls presents a spectacular sight of awe-inspiring beauty on the Zambezi River. It is a fabulous playground for thrill seekers, as well as lovers of beauty, tranquillity and relaxing pursuits. If you are an adventure-junkie, you will not be short of activities during stay. If you prefer the culture, shopping and history of the land, Victoria Falls will also do well to accommodate your needs.