Cultural Exchange Project

Play your part in tackling Africa’s education crisis and provide vulnerable children with opportunities that without volunteer support, they would not otherwise receive. Inspire kids to become passionate for education while assisting in rural schools and supporting overburdened teachers. Our Cultural Exchange project is dedicated to providing volunteers with the opportunity to become global citizens in a sustainable beneficial manner, impacting the lives of local communities through a diverse range of social projects and allowing cultural exchange whilst perusing the vision of better Zimbabwe.

Provide vital support, while being part of a laying the foundations for kids to thrive and prosper. Bring the classroom to life whilst taking part in supporting orphans, encouraging the development of new skills. From basic life skills, to improving education and literacy skills, you will be at the forefront of helping us to implement positive and fulfilling change.

Be ready to get your hands dirty, whilst engaging with community upliftment. Support and inspire vulnerable community members, living with HIV and participate in painting and repairing facilities to create communal spaces which allow members to flourish. The development thanks to volunteers has already been incredible and is truly helping our communities.

Once a week, participate with an essential part of our ALERT conservation program structure and become inspired by ALERT’s work within wildlife conservation, whilst researching in the Zambezi National Park.

Provide Educational Support

The economic crisis in the first decade of the 2000s had a serious impact on education. Teachers’ salaries went down dramatically because of inflation, leading a lot of teachers to leave the country or the profession which caused a serious shortage of skilled teachers. Combined with most of parents being unable to help their children with their homework or school assignments, this led to low literacy levels amongst children. Schools also deteriorated because of lack of investments in basic infrastructure, such as electricity, water and sanitation. These and other factors continue contributing to inequalities in the country.

Collaborating with 4 primary schools within The Matabeleland Region of Zimbabwe (Masuwe, Sikabelo, Chinotimba and Monde primary schools), we aim to assist them with the shortage of teachers by “filling in” to help as temporary teaching assistants, raising literacy levels through reading and expanding vocabulary, providing educational resources such as maths books, English books and educational games.

We have also established a Reading Club at Chinotimba Primary School as a fun and energetic way to make students enjoy and want to read which also exposes the children to different accents and cultures.  The students begin to understand different accents from different nationalities even though they have never travelled to these countries. Volunteers from different cultural backgrounds incite an inquisitive mind within the students.  This creates an exciting learning mood, motivating the students to read and research more often.

As a volunteer on this project, you will be involved in a variety of tasks such as:

  • Providing teaching assistance in a variety of local schools
  • Raising literacy awareness and academic education amongst the local students from government schools at the local Reading Club
    • Interacting with orphans and community children through games and helping with homework and school projects at the local Kid’s Club


    Educate on Importance of Wildlife

    When it comes to rural schools, children often encounter and have to live alongside wildlife. Most of the rural communities are in very close proximity to the National Park areas and forestry lands which harbour a lot of wildlife. Since all these protected areas are not fenced their interaction with wildlife is very high and not always pleasant, unfortunately. As a result of negative interactions such as crop raids by elephants, livestock predation by lions and injury or death of a loved one due to wildlife attacks often results in the children growing up with a negative attitude towards wildlife. This leads to human practices such as poaching, deforestation and even retaliatory kills leading to biodiversity loss.

    Conducting conservation education classes, we aim to teach the children in these areas on how to protect themselves when around wildlife, how to protect their environment and sustainable use of natural resources. Through these lessons we aim to equip the children with skills which will enable co-existence between them as human and the wildlife in their area as well as encourage them to grow up as conservationists.

    Your main task will be:

    • Giving conservation lessons in rural schools to expand the pupils understanding of conservation and highlight the role they can play in it

    Assist elderly people

    Older people in Zimbabwe face serious challenges including fragile livelihoods, weak social security support, poor access to health and care services and violence and abuse (particularly regarding older women’s right to inheritance). As a volunteer on this project, you will spend your time visiting Chinotimba Old People’s home that caters to the elderly people in Victoria Falls.

    The facility is home to elderly from around Africa being Malawi, Zambia, Angola and Zimbabwe and depends on time and donations from well-wishers for medical and monetary assistance. 

    Your main task will be:

    • Spending time and assisting in daily housekeeping and gardening the elderlies of the local Old People’s Home as well as provide them with a family vibe.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Your volunteering experiences goes far beyond simply the incredible work you will be part of on project. Discover the magnificence of the mighty Victoria Falls and all its beauty. From stunning rainbows, to exquisite wildlife, Victoria Falls has it all. Experience the hype of one of the seven natural wonders of the world, right on its doorstep. Adventure and Adrenaline calls, from Bungee jumping against the falls, to sitting right on the edge of the mighty waterfall in devils pool, all as you discover the legacy of David Livingstone. Accelerate your wanderlust and discover incredible wildlife as you cross over into Chobe National Park, Botswana for game viewing. Experience in true style the 4th largest river in Africa- home to hippos, crocodiles and many more incredible species. Enjoy a stunning dinner cruise, whilst encountering all thatthe Zambezi River has to offer!

Where will you stay?
Where else better to be than right on the doorstep of the mighty Victoria Falls! You will live in a beautiful and rustic volunteer village in the Fuller Forest. Just 16 km from the centre of town, you are not far from the buzz of town, whilst also the tranquility of our neighbouring national parks.

Our start dates for 2019 are:

7, 14 & 28 January | 11 & 25 February | 11 & 25 March | 8 & 22 April | 6 & 20 May | 3 & 17 June |

1, 15 & 29 July | 12 & 26 August | 9 & 25 September | 7 & 21 October | 4 & 18 November |

2, 16 & 30 December

During the school holidays, activities may differ from the usual schedule. However, volunteer’s work will be equally engaging and rewarding during this time. The school terms for 2019 are as follows:

Term 1: 8th January – 11th April

Term 2: 7th May – 8th August

Term 3: 10th September – 6th December

Our rates for 2019 are:

10 days: $1372 | £927

2 weeks: $1524 | £1030

3 weeks: $1935 | £1308

4 weeks: $2345 | £1585

5 weeks*: $2755 | £1862

6 weeks*: $3165 | £2139

7 weeks*: $3575 | £2416

8 weeks*: $3985 | £2693

9 weeks*: $4395 | £2970

10 weeks*: $4805 | £3247

11 weeks*: $5215 | £3524

12 weeks*: $5625 | £3801**


Whats included:
• Airport collection and return at Victoria Falls airport.
• All accommodation and 3 meals a day, served in the camps dining areas.
• 24 hour support on project and at the volunteer accommodation by our onsite staff at the park
• Unlimited Tea, coffee and filtered water during the day
• Laundry Service
• Flights
• Personal and medical insurance cover for the duration of your placement
• Visa requirements
• Additional activities out of project (Activities at the Falls)
• Wifi (available to purchase upon arrival)

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