Reasons To Visit Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is the seventh natural wonder of the world, with the fourth largest river in Africa known as the Zambezi. Bordering Zimbabwe and Zambia, Victoria Falls embraces many breath-taking dynamics, which is why there are so many reasons to visit.

1. Animal Encounters

A delightful walk along the streets of Victoria Falls is enhanced by the animals that equally enjoy the sunshine and crisp air. You are bound to see baboons scratching each other’s backs or carrying their young ones around, just as we do. Warthogs also roam around in search of treats while enjoying each other’s company as the smoke of the falls thunders in the background.

Beyond the daily encounters with animals, while taking a stroll, activities offered by Wildlife Encounter provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience with lions. Imagine witnessing lions devour their food from a meter away as they roar to claim their territory as they feast! You get to feel the vibrations of the unison roaring shake through your body as you capture the beauty of nature on your phones and cameras.

2. A Walk Through The Rain-forest

As you soak in the majestic Victoria Falls while walking through the rain-forest, you can’t help but appreciate the relaxation effect that the natural haven exudes. The several rainbows that bounce off the leaves and the scent of wet earth can only be experienced in a state of awe.

Some of the residents appreciate Victoria Falls for the spiritual dynamic that it embraces. Some say their prayers as they walk through the rain-forest, hoping that these will be received by the powers that be.

Others enjoy activities such as yoga or light jogging, all because of the serenity and positivity of the space that’s regarded sacred. Some couples bring a padlock with their names engraved and lock these on a particular rail within, in the belief that the sacred space will facilitate a strong relationship.

3. Traditional Food

Victoria Falls is a hub for traditional Zimbabwean foods. Various eating spaces provide foods such as mopane worms, a delicacy in many parts of the country. These can be enjoyed as a snack or a part of the main meal, meaning you can experiment and find how you might enjoy the worms!

Traditional drinks such as mahewu – ground mealie meal, turned into a beverage – accompany foods such as pork trotters, chicken feet and cow heels. You can also experiment with your palate and enjoy crocodile and kudu meat, meaning when visiting Victoria Falls, you should be ready to treat your palate.

4. Adrenalin Activities

For those who enjoy head rushes, there are activities such as gorge swinging, bungee jumping and zip lining! The fact that you hear the gorges echoing your voice as you tumble into the Zambezi, make the truly unique Victoria Falls experiences.

If these sound too extreme, you can go for a more laid-back boat cruise while enjoying the sunset, and for a unique viewpoint of the Falls, a helicopter ride seals the moment.

5. Shopping

The Victoria Falls community is highly creative when it comes to sustainable art. The end products of recycled material into jewellery, hats, décor, kitchen utensils, handbags and clothing; is remarkable. The stone sculpting displayed in Victoria Falls is on another artistic level and has cultural stories accompanying it. You can be sure to take a bit of Victoria Falls home as there are many choices when it comes to shopping.

Soak In Nature

In a shell, Victoria Falls is a natural haven with wildlife, landscapes and earth gems that are found nowhere else. You can expect to create unique memories through lion encounters, walking through the rainforest and appreciating the food that brings varying cultures together. Living in the wild is an experience to treasure.