Short and Long term projects

At Volunteer Encounter, we are dedicated to both wildlife conservation and community development and we are committed to making a difference in Africa, one volunteer project at a time. We exist because we believe that volunteering is a form of sustainable tourism. It minimises the negative impacts of touristic activities on the environment, by contributing to maintaining and enhancing conservation through the return of revenues to protected areas, and the physical contribution of man-hours where needed.

Our volunteers play a massive part in helping us achieve our aims. Besides the financial contributions they make through their placement fees, the physical man hours spent by these volunteers have helped us get where we are today. From the many hours spent on research drives assisting with data collection, to the hundreds of kilometers walked doing anti-poaching exercises and the thousands of traps removed that could have taken an animal’s life. Volunteers are instrumental in the work that we do. Each and every volunteer also comes with a unique skill, talent and experience base, many of which give positively back to our greater conservation efforts.

Volunteers who spend time with us gain experience in teamwork and relationship building. Our volunteers join our family and are very much a part of our team. Not only do they learn practical skills in various fields, but also gain a much deeper appreciation of life outside of their comfort zones.

Throughout the 15years we have been catering to volunteers, we have seen many people who have completely changed their lives as a result of their placement with us. Many have dedicated their lives to the conservation battle; others have completely altered their careers based on their volunteering experience.


Not only will you play an instrumental role in helping us achieve our aims, but you will also leave with a life changing experience, and one that we hope makes you a better global citizen with an active interest in preserving our natural world.