What Animals Live In Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls houses the most magnificent animals on earth, which makes it one of the most sought cities to visit! The beauty of it is that the animals aren’t only seen on an intentional game drive and even as you stroll down the streets of Victoria Falls. Let’s look at some of the animals you may encounter while visiting Victoria Falls.

1. Majestic Lions

Lions belong to the cat family, a shy family, meaning you won’t easily spot one on a regular day. The lions may see you but keep hidden or camouflage with nature, uninterested in being spotted by you. To marvel at the King of the Jungle, you must go on a lion encounter activity where you ‘find your pride’ and enjoy the ‘feast of beasts’, activities provided by Wildlife Encounter.

To ‘find your pride’, you must go into a game drive vehicle, where you will be taken into a lion enclosure at Wildlife Encounter’s safari park. Once in the enclosure, you get to enjoy the suspense surrounding looking for a pride of lions guaranteed to be within the enclosure. Once you spot the pride, you drive right up to the lions, where they inquisitively enjoy your presence in their natural habitat!

The adventure continues with the ‘feast of beasts’ where you must stand your ground as the lions charge toward you to devour their food! You will be in the safety of a tunnel where the roaring vibrations flow through your spine while the beasts enjoy their meal! Such activity is unique to Victoria Falls and must be on your bucket list.

Watch how lions feed in their natural habitat – contact Wildlife Encounter for more information

2. Elegant Ostriches

At Wildlife Encounter, you will get to bond and, if lucky, dance with the ostriches as they sometimes perform for their guests. You can get a chance to feed the ostriches provided you have strong, firm fingers as they peck away! You will enjoy a narration of why ostriches are built the way they are in terms of their feathers and feet, enhancing the appreciation of the beauty!

Up close with the ostriches at Wildlife Encounter

3. Graceful Birds

Having bonded with the ostriches, you continue on to enjoy the amazing facts and make-up of birds at the safari park such as the peregrine falcon and other birds of prey. The information packed and delightful display of this activity is one that leaves you appreciating the kings of the sky and the uniqueness of nature in its various forms!

A wide variety of birds of prey to meet.

4. Cackling Hyenas

The entertaining part of enjoying the hyenas cared for at Wildlife Encounter is hearing the cultural superstitions tied to the hyena. The tales and narratives are pieces of jewels you will enjoy carrying with you.

Learn about these shy and funny creatures at Wildlife Encounter

5. Enormous Elephants

You have a better chance of spotting an elephant while you walk around the city, but you hardly see that they usually roam around during the thick of night. A guaranteed sighting of elephants is provided during an activity where you get to feed them. You get to learn about the dynamics of elephants as you ‘become them’ by listening to the experts as they describe a day in a life of an elephant.

You may also see footprints and tell tales of elephants having visited close to the city space by looking at the form of the bush where the elephants bend tree trunks! The elephants are so intelligent that they identify when it is time to give space to visitors and when it is time for them to take over the town! You may then enjoy hearing them trumpet during the night when you are in the safety of your home, which is a delightful song.

These magnificent animals call Victoria Falls their home!

6. Playful Baboons

You won’t have to go far to be in close range with baboons, as these can easily invade your space! The baboons in Victoria Falls behave like human beings in that they don’t hesitate to approach you for a share of food that you may have in your hands. They also don’t mind visiting you in your living space so they can take a peek at your kitchen for some delicious meals! The experience is fascinating though if you keep a safe distance, as you should any animal, it won’t feel threatened and will go by its day.

Enjoy watching how the baboons behave similarly to humans by carrying their young on their back and stomach, for instance, or how they discipline their young when they get up to mischief.

7. Ponderous Hippos

Suppose you go on a cruise while in Victoria Falls; you may be fortunate enough to see hippos cooling down in the waters of the Zambezi. You may see them open their mouths wide and marvel at the animal’s size while enjoying its abode’s crisp air and natural setting. There are instances where the hippos visit the city space, and as usual, you are advised to keep a safe distance, although they usually visit the space during the late evenings and before day breaks. The wonders of Victoria Falls are indeed endless!

Hippos are always a highlight on sunset boat cruises

7. Ravenous Crocodiles

You can decide whether you will take a chance to spot crocodiles while on a cruise in Victoria Falls or if you would like to go crocodile cage diving, where you will be guaranteed to get close to one! For those who enjoy the adrenalin of diving into the water in the safety of a cage for a picture-perfect photograph, the chance is given here in Victoria Falls!

Get up close and personal with these snappy guys!

8. Slithering Snakes

If you’re into reptiles, you can enjoy visiting the snake pit which houses a variety of snakes. You’re brave enough to let one slither around your chest, you’ be given a chance to experience this! If you would rather watch from a distance, you can do so from the comfortable distance!

A huge variety of snakes to be seen

Step Into The Animals’ World!

Step into the animals’ world and visit Victoria Falls for an authentic wildlife encounter! You appreciate the animals in their natural habitat while learning about conservation and ethical tourism; it makes Victoria Falls City like no other!