Why Is The Victoria Falls So Famous?

Being the seventh natural wonder of the world, The Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is famous for several gems that flow through its majestic waterfall. It is indeed one of the places on earth worth listing as a must-see and must-experience as it provides an intangible once-in-a-lifetime enchanting experience. Here are some of the reasons why Victoria Falls is so famous. 

1. The Enchanting Rainforest

Nothing beats the experience of walking through the rainforest while marvelling at the thick sheets of overflowing water and rising mist. The thundering sound that accompanies such as majestic sight is why the falls are affectionately known as ‘The Smoke That Thunders.’ The experience of getting soaked as you walk through the miracle of a spectacle is one that you can only encounter in Victoria Falls. 

Parts of Victoria Falls has a micro climate, making it a town with a rainforest

The surrounding local myths about the rainforest are also why The Victoria Falls are so famous. Myth has it that an entire living water village underneath the magnificent body mass. Some claim to be able to hear distant voices coming from the depths of the body mass, indicating life. 

Locals believe that the entire surroundings are supernatural and should be revered respectfully. If the powers that anchor the waterfall get angry, misfortune follows the transgressor. 

2. Victoria Falls Wildlife Encounters

The Wildlife Encounter in Victoria Falls is breath-taking. You can meet with lions from the safety of an underground tunnel and marvel at the lions feeding. Game drives into lions’ enclosures are just as awe-striking as you get to enjoy the beasts in their natural habitat and learn about their behaviours. 

Watch how lions feed in their natural habitat – contact Wildlife Encounter for more information

On a regular walk around town, you can see warthogs and baboons that effortlessly go about their day together with tourists, unaffected by the colourful buzz. The elephants casually roaming the streets during the evening say, ‘it’s our turn now to experience the town.’ The wildlife truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

3. African Traditional Food

The traditional food your palate explores and has your stomach full of is another reason Victoria Falls is popular. From pork trotters, pig feet, oxtail, and traditional chicken served with pounded mealy meal; to rice mixed with peanut butter- the traditional food provides a unique food culture. 

One of the most diverse foods on the planet

The accompanying game meat, which is smoked, makes for a full plate and smoked vegetables. Vegetarian options are always prepared to accommodate all dietary requirements. 

4. Adrenalin & Adventure

There is an activity for each person in Victoria Falls. For the adrenalin junkies, bungee jumping, gorge swinging, white water rafting and tandem swinging are just some activities that have you hanging onto your breath for life!

The adventure uniqueness and one of kind adrenalin packed activities are anchored in the natural backdrop of gorges and the massive water bodies which result from the majestic falls. You can enjoy plunging into the Zambezi while hearing your echoes cheer you on. The scenic zip lining adventure makes you feel as if you are flying, weightless into the horizon.

Conquer your fears by partaking in the activities available in Victoria Falls

 For those who enjoy more laid-back experiences, cruises, game drives, and high tea may be preferred. The game drives are breath-taking during the break of dawn, and sunset. Inhaling the crisp air while spotting wildlife during the Victoria Falls’ cruises; is a memory one can’t erase. The memories that are made in Victoria Falls are truly erasable. 

High tea is at The Victoria Falls Hotel provides an Edwardian afternoon experience while soaking in the view of the Victoria Falls Bridge. The rumblings and thundering of the Falls are felt with every sip, while soaking under the African Sun. 

5. Traditional Song And Dance

The African traditional song and dance performed by various performers at the airport, in the roads, at your places of accommodation and different activity hubs; make Victoria Falls so famous. You can join in by playing the traditional instruments together with the performers and adorn some of the traditional wear such as head-gear and leg bells. 

African song & dance is steeped in history. It’s not just about entertaining visitors

The goal of the African song and dance is story-telling of the culture, varying tribes, languages, beliefs and values; which unite the people in Victoria Falls. 

Explore Victoria Falls!

Visiting Victoria Falls is a must. Soaking in the falls and experiencing the wildlife encounter make for erasable memories. The wildlife adventure and adrenalin in Victoria Falls makes the place unique and unforgettable. 

Walking through the rainforest while appreciating one of the natural wonders of the world is one of the main reasons why the Victoria Falls is so famous. Enjoy the traditional song and dance while spoiling your palate to game food; with the majestic falls in the background the entire time!