Wildlife Research Project

Our Wildlife Research project is dedicated to providing volunteers from all walks of life with the opportunity to make a real contribution in multiple fields of wildlife conservation. This project is run in collaboration with Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA) encompassing conservation of a variety of species including predators, herbivores and birds. Our team also engages in ecosystem management and assists wildlife authorities in their role in managing protected areas.

Discover the Importance of Predators

Large mammal carnivores play an important role in maintaining a balance between the ungulate population and the environment.  Spotted hyena is the most common and abundant large mammal predator in many African ecosystems and their impact on prey species, and other carnivores, can therefore be significant. Our focal project involves tracking and data collection on spotted hyena, as well as general large predators through spoor transects, physical sightings, camera trapping and predator call up surveys at certain times of the year.

Your main tasks will be:

  • Setting our camera traps and processing the footage to support hyena research
  • Joining night research drives

Contribute into Elephant and Giraffe Conservation Efforts

As the largest land animal on the planet, the African elephant is a key attraction for tourism and a keystone species, providing vital ecosystem services. Elephants are known as ecosystem engineers for their role in shaping the land and the ecology of the species around them. However, elephants are also an inherently dangerous species and considered a pest species that poses a threat through property damage, crop raiding and injury and sometimes loss of human life which leads to Human-Elephant Conflict in all regions where humans and elephants live in close proximity. As a volunteer on this project, you will gain skills to collect data aimed at assessing population size, herd type and structure, movement corridors, and elephant behavior in relation to human settlements as well as the impact of elephants on vegetation. That data will be used by conservation organizations to make animal and reserve management decisions in the interests of both the elephants and local communities.

With giraffe being added to endangered species list of animals under threat of extinction, our contribution into a continent-wide giraffe conservation initiative is invaluable. As a volunteer on this project, you will be trained to collect data to assess the size, structure and health of the giraffe population in the Zambezi National Park.

Your main tasks will be:

  • Conducting elephant and giraffe research by monitoring their populations and collecting data in the Zambezi National Park
  • Processing and entering data collected during various research sessions
  • Compiling identification kits

    Participate in Wildlife Surveys

    As a volunteer on this project, you will participate in ongoing biodiversity assessments to produce data on large mammal numbers in the Zambezi National Park. The results of all surveys are being provided to ZPWMA for their use in managing these protected areas. You will also contribute into The Second Southern African Bird Atlas Project (SABAP2) by identifying birds in and around Zambezi National Park.

    Your main tasks will be:

    • Conducting game count in the Zambezi National Park
    • Conducting bird survey in the Zambezi National Park

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Your volunteering experiences goes far beyond simply the incredible work you will be part of on project. Discover the magnificence of the mighty Victoria Falls and all its beauty. From stunning rainbows, to exquisite wildlife, Victoria Falls has it all. Experience the hype of one of the seven natural wonders of the world, right on its doorstep. Adventure and Adrenaline calls, from Bungee jumping against the falls, to sitting right on the edge of the mighty waterfall in devils pool, all as you discover the legacy of David Livingstone. Accelerate your wanderlust and discover incredible wildlife as you cross over into Chobe National Park, Botswana for game viewing. Experience in true style the 4th largest river in Africa- home to hippos, crocodiles and many more incredible species. Enjoy a stunning dinner cruise, whilst encountering all that the Zambezi River has to offer!
Where will you stay?
Where else better to be than right on the doorstep of the mighty Victoria Falls! You will live in a beautiful and rustic volunteer village in the Fuller Forest. Just 16 km from the centre of town, you are not far from the buzz of town, whilst also the tranquility of our neighbouring national parks.

Our start dates for 2019 are:

7, 14 & 28 January | 11 & 25 February | 11 & 25 March | 8 & 22 April | 6 & 20 May | 3 & 17 June |

1, 15 & 29 July | 12 & 26 August | 9 & 25 September | 7 & 21 October | 4 & 18 November |

2, 16 & 30 December (This project remains open over the Christmas period)

2019 PRICES:

10 days: $2138 | £1252

2 weeks: $2376 | £1391

3 weeks: $3015 | £1766

4 weeks: $3655 | £2140

5 weeks*: $4295 | £2515

6 weeks*: $4935 | £2890

7 weeks*: $5575 | £3265

8 weeks*: $6215 | £3640

9 weeks*: $6855 | £4015

10 weeks*: $7495 | £4390

11 weeks*: $8135 | £4765

12 weeks*: $8775 | £5140**

Whats included:
• Airport collection and return at Victoria Falls airport.
• All accommodation and 3 meals a day, served in the camps dining areas.
• 24 hour support on project and at the volunteer accommodation by our onsite staff at the park
• Unlimited Tea, coffee and filtered water during the day
• Laundry Service
• Flights
• Personal and medical insurance cover for the duration of your placement
• Visa requirements
• Additional activities out of project (Activities at the Falls)
• Wifi (available to purchase upon arrival)

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